Rookie mistakes with Polymer clay mandalas

So life in the polymer clay world isn’t always perfect.  Like anything, there are do’s and don’ts involved.  I have put together 3 short videos to show you 3 rookie mistakes when making a polymer clay mandala.  

Don’t Rush

I know that feeling, you are nearing the end of the project.  All you want is the end result.  So much anticipation.  In the following video clip, I was using the cutter to trim out the mandala.  Watch what happens.

Did you catch that?  I didn’t take my time to center the mandala and I ended up with a very obvious uneven edge.  Now, lucky for me there was actually an easy fix.  I had two options.  The first option would have been to place the cutter again and trim a little off.  The second option would have been to bake the piece and then sand it until it was even.  I actually chose both options.  I trimmed it a bit and then sanded after it was done baking.  


In this next clip things were going so well.  I distributed the clay nicely into the Sculpey liquid clay mold.  The next thing I needed to do was wipe the excess clay off from around the mandala.  You’ll see how that went for me in this next clip.

How did that work for me?  Not very well.  Using kleenex on a silicone mold to wipe off liquid clay, bad idea!  Instead, use a cotton cloth with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.  Works fantastic!  

Cling Wrap!

This is really a rookie mistake.  Because once you do it, you won’t let it happen again.  It’s not the worst mistake to make because it is very treatable and in most cases won’t affect the outcome of the piece.  You’ll see what I mean in this next clip.  

This is certainly an easy fix.  Using cling wrap as a barrier is really a no brainer.  You could also use parchment paper.  It will do the same trick. 

In Conclusion

So there you have it.  I have shown you three rookie mistakes when making polymer clay mandalas when using a Sculpey Liquid Clay Mold.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and perhaps even learned something from it. Leave a comment below if you have ever created with polymer clay, I would love to hear about your experience with it.  You can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to see some of my other polymer clay creations.

Fun Fact!

When you take your polymer clay creations out of the oven, cool them off faster by putting them in the refrigerator for a few minutes!

12 thoughts on “Rookie mistakes with Polymer clay mandalas”

  1. Hi, interesting looking material. I have a mandala that I made using pen and ink on a large piece of white paper that I then mounted to a piece of chipboard that I cut in a circle and added wall mounting hooks on the back. I think that must have been about 45 years ago. I had it on a wall wherever I lived until a few years ago when my wife threatened to throw it in a bin as it didn’t quite come up to the artistic and aesthetic standards of the other art pieces we have on display in the house. It has been hiding in the garage since I will have to check out the Sculpey liquid clay business as our daughter is very into all manner of art and crafts. Thanks, Andy

    • Hello Andy, thank you for visiting my site. That’s a great story. I think many of us have
      items like that from back in the day. I have a few of my kids projects still. Fun to look
      at and reminisce.
      Take care,

  2. I haven’t experienced much with Polymer clay, however after reading this is I realized just how many mistakes I’ve made and now I Know how to fix them. Thank you, Aminah.

  3. Great teaching method there Theresa! A piece of artwork, they say, conveys a thousand words. But I can see that a short video clip of even 30 seconds without audio could convey a million words. I am not a fan of ,mandala clay craft because I know nothing about it. But the short video clips in your content was able to teach me the 3 common mistakes one can make when making a polymer clay mandala.
    I have even began picking interest in knowing more about this craft. That shows your teaching method has actually aroused my curiosity and as well stolen my attention and interest. Just keep doing this and you will see that any real fan of polymer clay mandala craft that visits your site will keep coming back for more.
    I also love the accuracy of your grammar and the simplicity in your style of writing. Just keep it up too.
    Overall, the design and layout of your site is simple, good looking and easy to navigate, making user experience pleasurable.

    Well done for the good job.

    To your success,

    • Hello Ufumski,
      Thank you very much for you very kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time
      to visit and learn more about this craft. It warms my heart to know others can begin
      to find interest in something they never even knew was out there.

      Thank you so much,
      All the best to you,

  4. Hi There, not something I know loads about but I was intrigued by this and always up for learning new things. Loved the explanations. This could be new tv show, its all the trend in the UK right now. Thanks Phil

    • Hi Phil,
      When I started out creating with polymer clay I also had no idea all of the options
      that lay before me. Every day is an adventure and I’m so grateful for everything I
      learn every single day.
      Thank you so much for visiting my site,
      Take care,

  5. Thanks for sharing these rookie mistakes and how to overcome them when making Polymer clay mandalas Teresa. After watching your videos it’s understandable how common mistakes are made. There is a skill with this craft but that only comes with experience. Those pattern pendants on your Pinterest Site look superb – great job.

    • Hello Simon,
      Thanks for checking out my site! Much appreciated. And thank you for the kind words.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      All the best,

  6. I’m very intrigued to read your article. I must say I don’t know much about it, however I’m keen to have a go it making these polymer clay mandalas.

    Enjoyed looking at these videos, I could watch them all day. I found then very soothing.

    Wishing you all the best.



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