Polymer Clay Faux Knit Rainbow Keychain

There is so much fun to be had with polymer clay.  Here is a really fun technique I discovered recently.  In this tutorial I will show you how to create a polymer clay faux knit pattern keychain.  I will be using the colors of the rainbow to create the keychain.

Supplies needed

1.  Clay Extruder
2.  Polymer Clay
3.  Extruder disc with small hole
4.  Clay Cutter
5.  Heart shaped cutout (not pictured)

Let’s get started

Load your preferred color into the extruder and push through enough for four 6 inch strands of clay.  Do this for each color.

  Select a color (in this case red).  Lay two strands of red side by side.  Twist the strands by rolling one end forward and the other end backward.

Repeat this process with two more strands but reverse the directions on each end.

Lay both strands next to each other and lightly press them against one another.

Continue this process with each color.

Once they are all complete, press them all lightly to align them neatly.  Then place cling wrap over the clay.  Using the clay heart cutter place it over the area you want to use for the keychain.
Initially the strands were slightly too large so I just lightly manipulated them closer together.  

Now that you have your heart cut out pick a color for the boarder and create 2 strands long enough to go around the heart.  I chose red.

Wrap the heart with these strands.  I start at the bottom and go all the way around to meet at the bottom.  Snip the ends off and smooth it out.

It is easier to add the eye hook prior to baking the clay. (I didn’t get a picture of the rainbow heart at this stage of the game)

Bake according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the clay you are using.  

After it is baked and cooled you can add the rest of the findings and you have a beautiful rainbow heart keychain.  I also made one with purple boarder.

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